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At Canyon Land Company, we don't just facilitate business deals; we foster long-term partnerships and growth for buyers and sellers alike. Located at 1301 FM2673, Canyon Lake, TX, our vibrant brokerage thrives on connecting passionate entrepreneurs with the perfect opportunities to realize their dreams. When you walk through our doors, you're not just another client – you become part of our extended family, where your success is our top priority.

What sets us apart at Canyon Land Company is our unwavering commitment to personalized service. When you partner with us, you can expect dedicated experts who will guide you through every step of the buying or selling process. From initial consultations to closing the deal, we are by your side, offering valuable insights and industry expertise tailored to your unique needs. Our goal is not just to make a sale but to build a lasting relationship built on trust and mutual success.

At the heart of our brokerage is a deep understanding of the local market and a passion for matching the right businesses with the right buyers. Whether you're looking to sell your thriving enterprise or embark on a new entrepreneurial journey, we have the resources and network to make it happen seamlessly. Our extensive listings showcase a diverse range of businesses, from cozy cafes to bustling retail outlets, ensuring that there's something for every aspiring business owner.

Ready to take the next step in your business journey? Reach out to us at (830) 964-3393 or visit our website at http://www.canyonlandcompany.net/ to explore the exciting opportunities that await you. Let Canyon Land Company be your trusted partner in achieving your business goals, where your vision meets our dedication to excellence. Join our community of successful entrepreneurs and let's write the next chapter of your business success story together.

Brokerage Reviews

I rented an apartment with this company. The apartment was affordable and nice in Hill country. They were doing upgrades and would give less than a days notice for painting. I worked from home and this created an issue. They sent unprofessional emails regarding the septic system. As if berating children. I am a responsible clean professional. I also worked as a cleaner. I cleaned the apartment when my lease ended leaving it in better condition then when I moved in. This place kept 800 dollars of my deposit claiming deep cleaning services. No itemized list. They have yet to deposit the remaining 200. I moved out of state to take care of my autistic nephew who lost both his mother and grandmother. They should be ashamed of themselves unjustly keeping my money. When I called they told me I should have taken pictures to prove I cleaned. Which I'll know better next time just count on dishonesty.
Great experience with this company. When I traveled for the holidays the maintenance team went to my rental to make sure the pipes hadn't burst during a hard freeze. If I get to live in Canyon Lake again I'll definitely check their listings first
I would also rate this company with a 0 if allowed. The full details of the HORRIFIC experience with them would take too long, but I will say a couple of things. At their insistence, I paid a very high deposit & signed a 1 year lease to rent a property about a month before the property’s construction was scheduled to be completed. According to the lease, it would be ready for move-in on June25th. After they collected the money & the signed lease, they accepted no further responsibility for providing the completed property suitable for occupancy. They kept postponing move-in (often providing notice only when I asked questions), told me to talk with the builder directly to get information (as though it was the tenant’s responsibility to make sure the property was built/ready). And, the company kept telling me they had over 400 properties to deal with so they didn’t have time to monitor the property in my lease. Bottom line, this company is interested in acquiring as many properties as possible, collecting money & getting leases signed/sales completed. They don’t appear to be in the business of “managing” anything other than their own greed. I would never rent a property from them. (Can you imagine how they would manage the property including maintenance issues after you move in?). I will say that they quickly returned my deposit, but I still lost over $1,400 in moving costs, utility transfers & other moving expenses for a move that never took place.
Showed us a house and had us fill out applications. Next day tells us it had already been rented. Complete waste of time!
Fast maintenance when needed. Friendly staff. Looking forward to a long term relationship :-)
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