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Experience the difference with CiccarelliHomes Real Estate, where every client's dream is nurtured into reality through strategic brokerage services. Situated at 1282 Gorham St, Lowell, MA 01852, our team stands ready to guide you through the intricate process of buying or selling businesses. With a passion for delivering seamless transactions, we offer a personalized approach that puts your goals at the forefront.

At CiccarelliHomes Real Estate, we understand the significance of each business venture and the impact it has on your future. That's why we prioritize clear communication, market expertise, and unwavering dedication to achieving optimal results for our clients. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur looking to expand your portfolio or a first-time buyer venturing into the world of business ownership, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

When you partner with us, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources tailored to meet your specific needs. From detailed market analysis to expert negotiation skills, we leverage our experience to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. With a deep understanding of the local market dynamics and a commitment to excellence, CiccarelliHomes Real Estate is your trusted partner in the business brokerage arena.

Reach out to us at (978) 452-4400 and let CiccarelliHomes Real Estate be your guide to unlocking new opportunities in the business world. Visit our website at http://www.ciccarellihomes.com/ to explore how our tailored services can help you achieve your business goals. Your success is our priority, and we look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you.

Brokerage Reviews

There are not enough words to describe the quality of my experiences with Ciccarelli Homes. Great team with a family mindset is a winning and successful combination—ALWAYS. This concept is proven because I’ve known Bob Ciccarelli for over a decade, and he has the same wonderful staff over this long period of time, which demonstrates the high level of loyalty and dedication displayed in both sides—he values his employees and they reciprocate the same level of respect to both him and his clients. I have had the esteemed pleasure of working with Bob in both capacities of a seller AND a buyer, with a decade in between both transactions! What makes him exceptional is that both situations were extremely complicated and required patience, knowledge, and experience. In 2007 when the home market imploded, I met Mr. Ciccarelli when I made the difficult decision to put my beloved home of 2 years on the market as a “short sale.” This process was tedious and tricky at best—I placed my faith in his ability to sell my home and he was brilliant! He saved my honor and my sanity, in that the stress was causing all kinds of health problems that were soon resolved. Fast forward over a decade to 2021, Bob represented my new husband and I as a buyers agent. Again, we ran against many challenges yet again, during yet another unpredictable and volatile housing market. Bob was absolutely amazing from the proposal stage until the closing. I sat across from him last week in tears as we signed the final paper that secured our dream in Amherst NH. His resilience and dedication to his clients are unmatched. I would trust no one other than him as an agent in any capacity needed, whether buying, selling, or renting. From these experiences, I’ve also gained a lifelong friend. I fully give my enthusiastic recommendation of CiccarelliHomes—this company is a rare gem 💎.
Much love and appreciation for Ciccarelli Homes. Bob has been the go-to guy in our family for many years. As first time home buyers, his expertise really put us at ease during this whole process. Having bob to guide us in the right direction brought us straight to closing day. Now we have the perfect home to start our life and raise our beautiful 4 month old son. Cheers to you Bob, you’re the man!!
After the death of a relative, I was faced with selling a home in an area I was unfamiliar with. I contacted Cicarelli Homes because it was a locally based real estate agency. Mr Cicarelli made everything easy and doable in a very brief period for selling a home. He was reliable, knowledgeable, filled with good will, and very accommodating. He went the extra mile to make the process very smooth without a single hic- up. The resulting sale was very successful. I highly recommend CicarelliHomes.
Can’t express enough gratitude! What a blessing it was to work with Bob and his team. The genuine support and the ease they brought to us during the selling process truly made this experience memorable. You are greatly appreciated.
Bob made the process of selling my home super smooth. He was also able to get it sold in a timely manner which is something I’m truly grateful for as I was initially afraid that it would drag on for months. Thank you Bob for all the hard work & dedication!
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