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Our expertise at Cushman & Wakefield | The Boerke Company, Inc. transforms the complex process of buying or selling a business into a streamlined, transparent journey. At our central location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we are more than just a brokerage; we are your partners in building futures and seizing opportunities in the dynamic business landscape.

When you step into our office at 731 N Jackson St #700, you're not just entering a space; you're entering a world of possibilities. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your unique needs, whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur looking to expand your portfolio or a budding visionary ready to take the leap into business ownership.

With a finger on the pulse of market trends and a deep-rooted connection to the local business community, we offer insights and guidance that go beyond the numbers. We believe in the power of personal relationships and tailor our approach to ensure that your goals become our mission.

Ready to embark on your business journey? Give us a call at (414) 347-1000, and let's start a conversation about how we can help you achieve your dreams. Visit us online at http://www.boerke.com/ to learn more about our innovative strategies and client-centric philosophy. Your next opportunity is not just a possibility; it's a reality waiting to be realized with Cushman & Wakefield | The Boerke Company, Inc.

Brokerage Reviews

I contracted Cushman & Wakefield rep Dave Ferron to list my commercial building in May, 2023. The contract ended 12/31/23 - it would have been a miracle if had sold during that time, given the complete and total lack of effort put in by Dave and Cushman + Wakefield. I personally found Dave to be lazy, non-communicative and as time went on - it became increasingly difficult for me to pretend it was just laziness and not him being sketchy. (several times I caught him in blatant lies over text and when he wasn't lying - he was passing blame, giving excuses and giving answers that would make a politician impressed at his ability to use noncommittal language. ) When the contract ended December 31, 2023 - there were only THREE parties who viewed the property... in EIGHT MONTHS. (one of which, who HE SPECIFICALLY SOUGHT, viewed the property 3 separate times... had a budget less than half of what my property was priced at.) Oh, and in case there was any thought of saying it was priced too high... it was, and it was DAVE who priced it.
Smartest commercial realtors in the room.
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