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Warning about Mark McNeely....... UPDATE 12/2023: The home has now been mined under for coal with damages totaling over $300,000. To our surprise, the mine subsidence insurance is only $200,000. I have in text message proof of my concern about damages. Our agent replied with information about another property he sold across the street and stated they: "got subsidence insurance to cover both parties", meaning owner and lender. Our policy states "included" and didn't list an amount. We were out of state buyers, not aware of mine subsidence insurance being from the state and the insurance carrier only being a middleman. I was obviously confused and didn't understand the waivers we were signing. I was in distressed when we found out about the actual mining activity because our other home was under contract and our belongings packed for shipment. We found out 3 months prior to mining of the amount by a neighbor who also told us the coal company was ahead of schedule. On December 3rd, with NO notice, our home was minded under and was deemed unsafe to occupied immediately. Original date was Jan 2024. They decided to come weeks before Christmas. Our agent neglected his duty to represent us. He withheld extremely valuable information. Items listed as amenities were not in working condition and not able to be tested due to the water being shut off to the home at inspections. As mentioned in prior review, he failed to assist in reinspection.  The appraiser was not given deed addendums and appraised the home at current market value without taking into consideration the damage that was to happen in the near future and the amount of insurance available to damages. Our home is now structurally deficient. We can't live in it, can't rent it, can't sell it for what we owe. We placed 20% down, paid closing fees and spent another $30,000 in repairs to the roof, chimney caps, plumbing and pool. We are having to now pay for another home in additions to this one. We are not able to afford payments on 2 homes plus utilities. At this point we will likely lose this home to the bank and ruin our credit for years. We lost our dream home all because our realtor would rather make a sale then represent us as buyers and help us make a purchase that was safe and a good decision. Original Review: 7/22 Only good thing out of the experience is we were connected with a lender who knew how to make the house purchase work with our job situation and moving 2500 miles. Our agent ghosted us. I had to do all the leg work from across the country. I asked several times for home to be unwinterized for the inspection we were paying $700 for. Even with 2 weeks notice, this wasn't done. He failed us! The home was in worse condition at signing then when viewed. The water was turned on to find broken pipes, 6 broken dry rotted toilets and leaking hot water tanks. This was concealed by both sellers and the agent. Home sale was as is and by a company. After home closed we never heard from him again. He handed the keys to my father in law without asking us he called my father in law to meet. Never made sure we got here ok. No thank you, nothing!!! $500,000 on a fixer house in w Virginia. Super stressful move and this agent didn't do a single thing to make it easier. Just sat back and collected the paycheck.
I was intending to write a review long before I did, but the topic came up; and I decided I would. Although our experience could have been worse; I believe it could have been better.. I was left feeling like another sale and not a valued customer..
Horrible realtor. Doesn’t honor contracts
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