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Our expertise at IAG M&A Advisors transforms the complex process of buying or selling a business into a streamlined, transparent journey. Located at 4004 Belt Line Rd Suite 112, Addison, TX 75001, United States, we are perfectly positioned to serve the dynamic local market and beyond. As the owner of IAG M&A Advisors, I am dedicated to guiding you through every step of your business transaction with integrity and professionalism.

At IAG M&A Advisors, we pride ourselves on being more than just brokers; we are matchmakers, connecting buyers and sellers in mutually beneficial partnerships. With a track record of countless successful matches, our legacy of excellence speaks for itself. Whether you are a local entrepreneur looking to sell your business or a buyer seeking to enter the vibrant Addison market, we have the expertise and resources to make your transaction a success.

When you choose IAG M&A Advisors, you gain access to a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your unique needs. From buyer resources to seller services, we offer a one-stop solution for all your business brokerage needs. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing personalized guidance and support throughout the entire process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction.

Ready to take the next step in buying or selling a business? Contact us today at (800) 788-7377 to schedule a consultation and discover how IAG M&A Advisors can help you achieve your goals. Visit our website at http://iagmerger.com/ to learn more about what sets us apart in the brokerage industry. Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the exciting world of business transactions.

Brokerage Reviews

David Michaelson with IAG helped us to sell our business. It did not happen quickly but David was diligent about bringing prospective buyers to us and we were able to sell. As David will tell you, he has been doing this for a long time and believe me he knows his business. He was very patient with us but unrelenting in trying to bring the right people to us so that we could work with them and determine if it was a good fit. Selling a business is a difficult thing to do. We put years into building it and we wanted to see that it could carry on profitably. David understood this and brought the right questions forward to us and to the prospective buyer. His intuition certainly helped in certain situations that were put in front of us. We highly recommend that you put your trust in him and know that he will do the very best possible for you. If we were to do it again we would go to David and know that we could depend upon him!
We are a group of private investors that acquired a business that was listed by IAG. Tom Schildhauer was the IAG representative on the deal. Tom had a great relationship with the Sellers of the business as they had been working together for a few years in trying to find the right fit for the deal. Tom did an excellent job in every step of the deal, coaching both sides on how a partnership could work and advising both sides on what may be best for the Company and both Sellers and Buyers. Tom's extensive business experience showed through as the Sellers trusted Tom 100%, which also made us, the Buyers, very comfortable with Tom. It was easy to be very transparent with Tom on our goals as he definitely knew how to bring two sides together on a deal. This deal was, my far, the smoothest transaction I have been a part of in my 15 year private investment career. I definitely hope to work with Tom in the future.
I just sold my business and couldn't have without the help of David Michaelson with IAG. He took my calls, often daily, to answer my many questions. He helped me understand all my options in order to get the best deal. The first buyer disappeared and David found another for me quickly. Their bank was very inexperienced in providing an SBA loan and, again, David saved the day by showing both me and the bank officials what was necessary or appropriate and what was not. I highly recommend David and IAG. He was absolutely critical to my successful sale, very experienced and an excellent teacher and problem solver for whatever questions or issues came up. In fact, I asked David originally to represent my business after speaking with him about the possibility of acquiring another business that IAG represented. I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and experience. He guided me through the entire process and was always available to answer my many concerns and frustrations with the bank's ultra-slow processing and repeated requests for unnecessary items or documents that had already been provided to them. He was definitely an A plus.
If I could give negative stars I would. This business calls at least once a day and we're "lucky" if we get to speak to someone since most of the time it is on auto-dialer so it rings and noone answers, but even if we do talk to anyone, they only want to speak to the business owner and then they either say, oh we'll send an email (to which they don't have the correct email address) or they'll call back and we're back to square one with them not giving any additional information. The company I work for is not interested in selling or merging with any other company at this point in time. If we were, we wouldn't be working with a company from out of state. I'm very disappointed in the fact that I have to leave a negative review (after googling the phone number and finding a non-existant BBB page) in the hope that we no longer have to be continuously answering phone calls that lead to nowhere.
The normal worries/uncertainty of selling my business were immediately eased as early as the first consultation I had with them. The whole IAG team made sure I felt confident and informed about all of my choices before making any decisions, and were helpful and responsive to any questions I had from start to finish.
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