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At James Stewart Agent with Advantage Reality Group Inc., we pride ourselves on our market knowledge and expertise. Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of buying or selling a business, providing guidance every step of the way. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur looking to expand your portfolio or a first-time buyer dipping your toes into the market, we are here to support you with personalized attention and tailored solutions.

When you partner with us, you gain more than just a brokerage service – you become part of a community that values integrity, transparency, and trust. We understand that each business transaction is unique, which is why we take the time to understand your goals and aspirations. With a deep understanding of the current market trends and a commitment to your success, James Stewart Agent with Advantage Reality Group Inc. is your trusted ally in the world of business brokerage.

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Brokerage Reviews

We chose them since we needed a house close to Shaw and there aren't many options in the area. They seemed like a great company until we signed the lease. There were multiple problems with the house including no hot water in the bathroom sink, bathtub not draining, and the heat constantly ran. We submitted service requests multiple times and tried calling them about and never got a response. When we went month to month all of the sudden they had to do an annual walk through and insisted that it be done in their time frame. When I went to the office to pay my rent since they charge extra to pay it online the lady there always seemed inconvenienced and was rude. Once we were finally able to move we spent all day cleaning and paid $100 for professional carpet cleaning and they still took $175 out of our security deposit for house cleaning. I am glad that I never have to deal with again. I would suggest finding another company to rent/buy from if at all possible.
I wasted 1.5 months dealing with these people. My realtor was Connie, and she was awful. She would only communicate via texting and take hours to respond most of the time. She asked for my email address at least 4 times even though it was in the chat history. And on top of that didn't know how to use her email which led me to resending every email. Also, when I would call their office I would always get put on hold for awhile and often get hung up on. Switched to another local realty company and made more progress in getting my house sold in less that 24 hours than advantage did in over a month.
Honestly not sure how this business has received more than a one star review. I'll give credit where it's due, they were GREAT getting us in the door, but that's about it. We've lived here for 2.5 years. In this time we have had multiple issues with the rental department from them sending notification emails of system change to the WRONG email address and not only blaming my husband but also charging us late fees, to being blatantly RUDE on the phone when you CAN reach them. It took us over a week and for me to walk in complaining personally for us to reach the lady, since she never responded to voicemails or email and happened to "be at lunch" or just "out". EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we would call. When our lease was up after the one year mark, we went month to month which suits us since we are military, not knowing when we will be leaving. We've been going month to month for a year and a half now. One day before I went home for the holidays, I received a call from rental stating that they were coming to do their "annual" inspection walk through and that we needed to sign a lease. I told them the inspection would have to wait until I came back at the beginning of this year, since I was leaving in a day and was given absolutely no notice at all and was 5 weeks post partum. As for the lease, it would also have to wait since my husband would be deployed for a while yet. I was told this would be a problem. I will not (and legally CANNOT) sign a lease in his name without the proper POA. They asked when I would be back for an inspection so I told them I was coming back the 4th, they said they would do it first thing on the 5th. I waited around all day on the 5th to receive no calls, no visit, no email, nothing. I HAVE, however received multiple emails stating our rent is behind, even despite the fact that it was not only taken out of our account, but we also received an email receipt from them. I called about the harassing emails on Friday around lunch time, left a voicemail (since inevitably they were "out") and received no return call or email about the issue. I called this morning to try to confirm that we HAD indeed paid and to put a stop to the emails, and the lady kept cutting me off mid sentence with with the reasoning that the new year reset their system- fine. I told her that I had still received emails as late as yesterday, to which she cut me off again and asked "have you gotten any today?" "Okay then." I then brought up the maintenance request I also submitted on Friday to which she cuts me off again to inform me that's not her area, so I respond "hmm, okay". Before she transfers I hear her on the other end rudely repeat "Hmmm" before the call swapped. My husband and I were totally on board with signing a new lease with them, but honestly the rude attitudes, disregard of email/phone calls, and utter lack of professionalism has driven us both to the point that we are seriously considering other options. I had heard horror stories of the rental department from other but honestly thought they were exaggerations until we have experienced it for ourselves. Then again I guess this should all be expected when I found out that the woman in charge of rentals is the owner's niece.... if you are considering renting, just save yourself the headache and take your business elsewhere. I truly wish there was a way I could reach the actual home owner to let them know what an awful job the company is doing.
We used this company because reviews said they where great and there isn't many choices here in Sumter. When moving from overseas it can be stressful and the folks working at Advantage seemed lovely and helpful. But man did it all go down hill once we signed a lease. We are going on three months and we have paid rent several times early only to recieve a late rent notice for failure to pay, but the account has a credit which can be applied. Fix the system or train your folks. But even worse then this is going through them to request repairs. This seems horrible also. We request repairs and the reply are the standard, the landlord will not repair/ cover the cost of repair, you signed "as is" lease. But then I call the landlord's uncle and he hasn't heard about it and makes the repairs. So who's the problem, I don't know, but it seem to be Advantage. We have seeked legal assistance to get repairs done or to move out, but the wait is well past our 1 year lease, so we sucked up the shittyness and made the repairs ourselves as it was cheaper and easier. We can't wait to move. This isn't to bash the home as it is a nice home and after the repairs is a great stay and a lovely neigbhood, but just to get away from Advantage will be amazing. Stay away from Advantage and work directly with some of Sumter's lovely/friendly people. Just do your research and talk to the locals as the website here seems iffy.
Very bad property management company. Nothing but problems. They have a conflict of interest as they repeatedly contracted work to a plumber who just happens to be the husband of an employee. On top of that they provided no invoice of work done, just a bill. Every little thing was an issue with them. Getting information about my property was like pulling teeth. Would give zero stars if I could. STAY AWAY!!
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