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Jency Realty Company is where the magic of business opportunities unfolds. I'm here to be your guide through the intricate world of buying and selling businesses. Nestled in the heart of Aberdeen, SD, at 523 S Main St, our office is not just a space; it's a hub of innovation and connection. When you walk through our doors, you're not just a client – you're a partner in our journey towards success.

At Jency Realty Company, we pride ourselves on our unmatched market knowledge and expertise. With a finger on the pulse of market trends, we are your go-to source for valuable insights and opportunities. When you're ready to take the leap into the world of business transactions, our team, led by yours truly, is here to make the process seamless and rewarding.

Thinking of buying a business? Let's sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and discuss your dreams and aspirations. Looking to sell your business and move on to new adventures? I'm here to ensure you get the best deal possible. With a passion for connecting the right buyers with the right sellers, I am dedicated to architecting the perfect match that benefits all parties involved.

Reach out to me at (605) 725-3130, and let's kickstart your journey towards new horizons. Dive into the wealth of resources and listings available through Jency Realty Company by checking out our website at http://www.jencyrealty.com/. Together, let's turn your business dreams into reality.

Brokerage Reviews

Melissa was our realtor. She worked very hard for us and helped us find our new home. She is awesome.
Working with Annaliese Favorite-Howell as our realtor was AMAZING! Annaliese first became our realtor in February 2022 and has slogged through a tough real estate market until we closed today (October 3, 2022) on our home in Aberdeen. She is so fast to reply, professional, detail-oriented, and truly an advocate for us throughout the entire process. She also never complained ONCE after giving us showings to dozens of homes for over half a year. We are so grateful for Annaliese! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a realtor to anyone searching for a home in the area. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Have not heard back about possible properties. But I know they are looking for the perfect home for us! Ours is a challenge. Professional folks. Really love these people. They are quick to answer questions. Truthful even if you may not like their answer. At least they let you know! They do work hard. Please go to them. Save yourself from being misled for a few bucks by others. Jency agency is the real deal!
Melanie Bobby helped me find my first home and walked me though the process every step of the way. Super helpful, friendly and I really felt the care and consideration during the process and was great at being honest and professional every step of the way. Highly recommend Jency Agency for your rental and housing needs.
They're just the property management, but I'm forced to give them a bad review due to the old landlord the managed for don Hamlin. Had an awful experience renting through him. He showed up drunk several times to my house and told me I was being evicted cause I went up and down the stairs too much. I have dogs, so of coarse I did. I lived in an upstairs apt and had to take them to go to the bathroom. The lady downstairs was awful and complained about every single noise I made in my own apt! There was linoleum floors, and I don't just lay in bed all day and neither did my pets, so yes, I walked around my own apt. Sounds to me like the same lady complains about every tenant that moves in and they all get kicked out because of it. You deff should not rent if you have a problem with hearing other people! Meanwhile my next door neighbors apt was so dirty he had mold growing in it, and nothing was done about that. Idk if I should say don't rent through jency, or just don't ever rent from Don Hamlin.
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