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At Kingsbridge Brokers, we bridge the gap between ambition and ownership, making business buying and selling seamless. Located at 1334 Brittmoore Rd, Houston, TX 77043, our doors are always open to entrepreneurs and dreamers alike, ready to embark on the journey of acquiring or selling a business. As the owner of Kingsbridge Brokers, I am here to offer unmatched market knowledge and expertise, guiding you through the intricate process with ease and confidence.

When you walk through our doors, you're not just another client — you're a valued partner in this exciting venture. Our personalized approach ensures that your unique needs and aspirations are at the forefront of every decision we make together. Whether you're looking to buy your first business or ready to sell and move on to your next chapter, we are here to support you every step of the way. At Kingsbridge Brokers, we believe in building lasting relationships built on trust, integrity, and a shared vision for success.

What sets us apart at Kingsbridge Brokers is our dedication to providing a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet your specific requirements. From conducting thorough market research to negotiating the best deals on your behalf, we handle every aspect of the transaction with precision and care. Our goal is not just to close a deal but to ensure that it is a win-win situation for all parties involved. With a deep understanding of the business landscape and a commitment to excellence, we strive to exceed your expectations and deliver results that speak for themselves.

Ready to explore the world of business opportunities? Reach out to Kingsbridge Brokers at (833) 865-4647 or visit our website at https://kingsbridgebrokers.com/ to discover the difference that a dedicated and passionate brokerage can make in your business journey. Let's turn your ambitions into reality, together.

Brokerage Reviews

Hands down just a great experience from beginning to end of the buying process and well after closing. We recently closed on a business and I simply could not imagine going on this journey without Kingsbridge. Josh Tolley has surrounded himself with the best brokers and support someone could ever hope for. Every single person we interacted with during the process was the utmost respectful, helpful, and most of all encouraging. I have honestly been impressed with the level of professionalism, competence, and patience of our broker, Michael Carvajal. My wife and I were completely new to business acquisition and he never failed to ensure we understood every option and step along the way. We will be partnering with Kingsbridge for all of our business needs well into the future and recommending their service to anyone interested!
Kingsbridge introduced me to business acquisition. Initially we were skeptical but we took the leap of faith. They were there educating me through the process. From selecting the right business to closing on the business by the end of September 2023. They are very skillful in navigating the various twists and turns associated with this process. Post closing has been fantastic. I'm grateful that my family trusted the process and took the leap of faith. Kingsbridge is a wealth of knowledge. For your business acquisition, post acquisition and business sales needs, contact Kingsbridge. You will be glad you did.
We had been working with Kingsbridge for several months before closing on the purchase of our first business. Although there is quite a bit involved between lending institutions, attorneys, etc. the team at Kingsbridge was very attentive in helping us along the way. All the questions were answered in a timely manner and when I thought I was going to pull my hair out, Josh and his team were there to help me through it all, with smiles and encouragement. Should we decide in the future to buy or sell again, Kingsbridge will be alongside us all the way!
I just sold my business 4 times! Not really, but it felt like it. I had 4 LOIs and unfortunately 3 of them backed out due to various reasons. The final buyer used a bank that couldn't tell their head from their tail, but Josh and his team fought hard for BOTH parties every step of the way. Buyer and seller are both happy it's done. Kingsbridge acted with integrity, communicated fairly well throughout each step, even when the lender kept asking for abnormal documentation, often over and over again. Never felt pressured to do anything I didn't want to and always felt like I was heard and given several options to choose from when faced with a decision. There WILL be snags along the way, but Kingsbridge softens the blows. Took 10 months start to finish. Got a higher price than originally expected and commission paid was commensurate with the market. I'm sure I will do business with them again. Communication was great when prompted and above average overall. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this team to help you find a buyer for your business.
It's ridiculous how happy we are with Jonathan Malthouse and Kingsbridge brokers. We just closed on our business and we still feel that our feet haven't hit the ground yet. Mr. Malthouse was able to find a solution to every single issue that arose. He was so encouraging, patient, optimistic, and fully equipped to handle the entire transaction with ease. I am thoroughly impressed! Thank you Adonai, Mr. Malthouse, Mr. Tolley, and all of Kingsbridge for helping our family make a dream come true! Our lives will forever be changed! May the God of Israel continue to work through you to impact this world in a mighty, kingly way! - The Burch Family
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