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Leveraging years of expertise, Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc transcends traditional brokerage, offering a gateway to entrepreneurial success. Situated at 1020 W Jasper Dr, Killeen, TX 76542, our team is dedicated to propelling your business dreams forward. When you partner with us, you're not just a client; you become part of our thriving community, where opportunities abound and success is within reach.

At Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc, we pride ourselves on our personalized approach to business brokerage. We understand that each venture is unique, requiring tailored strategies for maximum growth potential. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a newcomer to the business world, our experts are here to guide you every step of the way. From strategic planning to negotiations and beyond, we are committed to your success.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to transparency and integrity. When you work with Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc, you can trust that your best interests are always at the forefront of everything we do. Our track record of successful deals and satisfied clients speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence. We don't just close transactions; we build lasting partnerships that lay the foundation for long-term prosperity.

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Brokerage Reviews

SECURITY DEPOSIT I should believe the reviews and never give this company a try ! Stay away from this company ! As soon you move out they will never answer your questions and they will never answer you about the security deposit ! As soon you sign a lease contract if you find anything wrong with the unit that you rented they will never answer your emails or phone calls! I moved to this house I found broken furniture and trash from the previous tenants and found dog poop on carpet and broken glass on carpet I contacted the manager and she never answered my emails or phone calls! Now after my lease ended I decided to not renew and moved out and never received any answer about my security deposit !
I’m still a fairly new renter, but my experience with them has been amazing! I spoke with Melissa in maintenance about my issues on a Friday after 4pm, by Monday evening all my issues were fixed. Melissa, remained extremely professional after I wasn’t very polite. Richard was wonderful and very friendly!! I can only hope to continue to receive this type of service! Excellent at best! I love my property.
Security Deposit! I followed all move out rules!!! My deposit for Lone Star was $2500! I wasn’t upset with spending that type of money because I thought this was a good company… I used their recommended cleaning crew, paid $325.00. Carpet cleaning that states cleaning/deo/pet which means I got the whole deep cleaning treatment which I verified paid $120. Pest control paid $80 bucks. I made sure I kelp my utilities on 5 days after move out to avoid any penalties. When I got the outline of what I was charged or what was deducted from my deposit, $413.00 in repairs (I accepted that). $184.03 Carpet Cleaning because the professionals didn’t write on PET. I got more than a PET treatment done!!! $187.27 Pest control because I didn’t get the flea treatment. (You telling me flea treatment cost $187.27???) $150 Utility Fee (never have I heard this) but I kelp my utilities on for 5 days like requested but since they had to wait on a vendor to visit the home for repairs, they charged me to turn the utilities back on in Lone Star name… lord I’ve been gypped out of my money!! Because I paid a larger amount down you take out more??? This is wrong… out of every rental company I’ve rented through, this is the ONLY company that has done this!!! I accept what I know that’s right to charge. I’ve done everything right for y’all to go back and supposedly do the same thing I paid professional to do and y’all took half of my money!! Please y’all think twice!!! Ott Group is a good company and Isabel! THE BEST OPTION IS FINDING PRIVATE OWNER!
The whole experience was stress free and quite pleasant. Lone Star Realty’s office is beautiful and the atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming. The staff were knowledgeable and helpful. My leasing agent, Brenda, was very thorough during the signing of my lease and she had answers to all my questions. I am very pleased with the process of leasing my new home.
I have rented from Lone Star twice now. I didn’t have many issues with my first rental but I’m having issues with my second. We have been living in our rental since October and the owner of the home has still had access to the home security system the entire time we have lived there (access to the Ring doorbell and the automatic locks on doors). Lone Star has made no attempt to resolve this issue. I have been to alone Star on two separate occasions and I am told I will receive action and a phone call. However, I never hear back from Brenda or anyone. I have had work orders placed for a faulty back door since November. I have had two service technicians show up over the course of the last four months to tell me we need a new door but no action has been made (the door doesn’t properly lock or secure to our home). The toilet is improperly seated and at times doesn’t flush correctly and has been reported since the first week of January. Again, I have had the technicians come and tell me it’s missing parts and then never follow up with us. I would not recommend any service members in my formation to rent from this company or allow them to manage their property.
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