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In the world of business transactions, My Place Realty & Property Management is your compass, guiding you through the complexities of buying and selling. Nestled at 1760 Memorial Dr, Clarksville, TN 37043, our team is dedicated to weaving success stories for every client who walks through our doors. When you think of a seamless business transaction, think of us - your partners in navigating the intricate web of business buying and selling.

At My Place Realty & Property Management, we don't just facilitate deals; we craft experiences. With a phone call to (931) 591-3216, you're not just reaching out for assistance; you're taking the first step towards unlocking endless possibilities. Our approach is rooted in personalized service, understanding that each business and client is unique. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur looking to expand your portfolio or a first-time buyer dipping your toes into the market, we are here to listen, advise, and guide you towards your goals.

When it comes to buying or selling a business, trust is paramount. That's why at My Place Realty & Property Management, trust is not just earned; it's woven into the fabric of everything we do. Our track record of successful matches between buyers and sellers speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. We believe in transparency, integrity, and a hands-on approach that ensures your satisfaction every step of the way. Visit us online at http://myplaceclarksville.com/ to learn more about our unique approach to business brokerage and discover how we can turn your next opportunity into a success story.

Your business journey is our priority at My Place Realty & Property Management. We understand the significance of each transaction, the weight of every decision, and the thrill of every new venture. Let us be your partners in turning your business dreams into reality. Reach out today, and let's embark on this exciting journey together. Your success story starts here.

Brokerage Reviews

I rented with myplace reality for 7 yrs. I honestly have nothing but good things to say. When it comes to maintenance request they are quick at getting it done. within the week but if it was HVAC they had someone there that day. Never had a issue in that department. very prompt. there communication is awesome. They respond promptly and give plenty of notice if anything is going on. they are nice and very friendly. I would've loved to rented through them again when i had moved but they didn't have anything at the time i was looking but best believe I will be going through them again when ever I need to rent. hopefully they will have something available that i'm looking for in august. But if your looking for a great company to rent through that follows up with maintenance myplace is it!
I have rented from My Place Realty for about 3 and a half years now. I have nothing but good things to say about all of them. I have gone through hell and back with my neighbors and they have been nothing but helpful through it all. I will from time to time call up to the front office and just talk a little bit with McKenzie and Beth when i have a question, very sweet and fun. Mrs. Lisa the maintenance woman is extremely nice as well. Shes always very prompt when it comes to getting my issues fixed around the house/apartment. Mrs Jennifer (the move out lady) is awesome as well. She has helped me out when I was in a crunch a couple times. I have literally called up there and left a dog cussing of a voicemail about problems, and theyre always understanding, and dont judge me, or reciprocate that anger. I honestly hope that I can rent from them for years to come. I dont think i have ever hung up the phone from anybody up there and thought to myself "what am i doing..." with this property management company. Haven't had a problem yet (other than having a hell of a maintance bill from my previous stay on Glory Dr. from hanging pictures on the walls, but maybe with this review... we can squash that... ; ) )
I have been renting from them for about 6 months. Had no issues until recently. While at work today i got an email in regards to some trash outside. Earlier that week I spent several hours cleaning trash outside. I had gathered all the trash and placed them in boxes out front next to my truck to take to the dump. I was never called messaged or asked about the trash i picked up. They are paid to manage the property. I was sent and email stating that i had to clean up trash or i would be fined 75. The trash i cleaned up that they did not. The email stated this never can happen again. No reference when I would be charged or anything. I tried contacting and emailing back. I called the office 5 hours later to get Lisa Lemons voicemail. Several hours later i got a call back. I was professional and stated my concern about not reviving a call or message asking about the trash before getting an email saying I’d be charged. She proceeded to laugh and say that is just what we do. Saying it will never happen again will it. I explained it was trash I picked up from the property. Her response was how would we know that. Well a call or message would have solved that. She said I wish i had time to call people. Her behavior on the phone was disgusting. Laughing being condescending. It won’t happen again will it! How unprofessional and gross to be like that. So if you want professional do not speak with her. The lady answer the phone at the office was nice on a positive note.
I rented an office space from My Place Realty for about 5 years and later a virtual office for more than 10 years. I found the owner to be so very impersonal and extremely difficult to deal with. The feeling that one is left with, is one of being a number, and not a person. Their emails and text are always so direct and threatning that is leaves one feeling very intimidated. I don't know if I will ever need an office in that area again or not, but if I do, I will not rent it from this company.
Very Nice Group Of People Working The Desk!!!! Definitely would recommend their properties to friends/family of mine.
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