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Brokerage Reviews

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!!! These shady people (especially Kim & Kayla) will pretend to be so helpful and care, but they will lie through their teeth to get you to sign the lease. Make sure you read the fine print too because they’ll throw you over a barrel and screw you over to ensure you can’t rent anywhere else OR get a mortgage. None of their numbers add up and they walk the fine line of legal with the fair debt collection act. If they could afford to use the better business bureau I’d file a complaint with them. Our hearts were absolutely filled with joy when we thought we found a rental company that cared & seemed so nice, then we found out very quickly how cold and callous they truly were, especially when it came to the safety of our family. Now they continue to ensure our family cannot move, cannot buy a house, and they just want to continue to make life miserable even when they got their money and then some. We rented from the owner Kayla herself. A house she swindled out of a sad situation for an employee of hers. We moved in being told their were small minor cosmetic issues with the house, later finding MOLD, MICE, bugs, the fence coming down, the back porch not even connect to the house and slanting down (unsafe). It was so unfortunate for my newborn baby and our other 3 children to have to live in that until my husband fixed it without being compensated. They also left trash in the yard that WE had to pay over $200 to have picked up. We ended up having to d/c our lease early which the owner verbally stated would not being an issue as she needed someone to rent it and we needed a place to rent quickly. She said the lease was a formality. We didn’t think anything of it bc we are old fashion and someone’s word should be their word. I know, we were so stupid for that. We as a veteran family were in Clarksville bc of that after hubs got out of the service, but we needed to go home to NC due to family, custody court, and medical issues with my husband’s father. Again, we were originally told this wouldn’t be an issue bc the house would have to have a FULL renovation when we vacated anyway so we were doing her a favor by renting it for a while to cover those costs. So that was fine. Well the company decided no that was not the case and we in fact would have to pay rent until the renovations were done and the house could be rerented. So, we basically got to pay for her renovations. And we were told that our security deposit would not count towards any of it. They tried collecting 3 different multiple thousands of dollar amounts ($4,000; $8,000; & $6,000) in a 10 day period before sending us to collections, where collections charged a 37% fee on top of the thousand they were charging us. These people are PATHETIC, DISGUSTING TRASH HUMANS. I hope this review will help save another family from the absolute heartache this company caused and continues to cause over a year later.
My experience with this company was amazing. I worked with Taylor Peña and she made the whole process smooth and easy. She always responded very fast and just over all made my experience very good as this is my first time renting!
Extremely over priced application fee’s and unprofessional employees. I called today to inquire about what was included in the $100 per person application fee as well as the $500 “admin fee” when I asked what the fee included I was told “ changing the batteries to the smoke detector and the filter to the ac as well as removing the property from adds.” Now im not a rocket scientist but those three things do not equate to $500. When I requested to speak with the manager in charge of the property I was told “ she can’t talk” after going back and forth for five minutes I was transferred to Courtney who answered the phone with an attitude. I expressed my concerns to her about the excessive fees and how one of her properties has been on the market for 90 days which is a pretty long time for a military town she said “ well we do this everyday so obviously not”. Not sure what this companies deal is but they do not seem like people I’d want to rent from.
The criteria you set for the rental application process is ridiculous!! Lets see here...there's $100 application fee, there's a $500 Admin fee???? seriously??? Then heaven forbid you have a pet, now there is another $500 fee, so this alone = $1100 .....ok, so then they want a 640 credit score and if you have that you still have to pay a 'double deposit"....unless you have a 700 score , then they 'might"*** consider doing a single deposit - Bless their hearts!! , and adding in the notes there is no way around it!! I mean are you kidding me???? Who are they renting to??? These are crazy requirements in my opinion. Almost everyone I know has a pet, and charging a $500 pet fee is ridiculous and $500 admin fee for what,?? filling out some paperwork, that is shameful!! I guess there only interested in renting to the Nashville Elite crowd, ...who don't have pets, give me a break!!!
Unrealistic expectations. Yall are extremely out of touch, $100 for an application fee really and double the deposit if you don't have a 650 credit score. I hope yall go out of business with the way yall are scamming people. Also what exactly is an admin fee? This place is definitely a scam.
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