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Lurline Johnson has managed our townhouse since we had to leave a few years ago due to my husband’s military service. She has always been WONDERFUL. Came highly recommended from a business associate/friend and has never disappointed. Always available for any questions I’ve had, has helped us through less than ideal situations with renters leaving without warning, causing damage to the unit etc. Has gotten us wonderful renters time after time during tough years of pandemic and is ALWAYS super responsive, ethical, helpful and kind. Highly recommend her!!
!!!Do Not Use this Company!!! !!!Do Not RENT From THIS Company!!! !!!Do Not RENT From THIS Company!!! !!!Do Not RENT From THIS Company!!! I had been working with Roberta "Bobbie" arakawa, she helped me get a lease at 2509 ala wai blvd, pacific international building. During my viewing i had noticed a few things wrong with the unit and building and asked if they will be fixed within a short period of time if i decided to get a lease here, she stated that the unit will be treated for bugs, the water will be fixed and the building is under construction/ remodeling but it should be done within a 2 weeks after you move in. none of these things were done, so when i asked for reduced rent, it was granted. when i asked when they will be fixed, she sated they will be fixed within a couple weeks( her answer to everything) nothing was done. i then asked to be moved to a different unit/ building that she may be managing, she stated she would but then proceeded to send me to places that she doesn't manage, had me apply to multiple unit costing me app fees, as well as refuse to fix any of the issues that have been plaguing me since i moved in a lil less than 2 months ago. i have requested to speak to management to bring up the fact that the unit isn't safe( i.e. building fire, wasn't notified, sitting/standing water on multiple floors from floods, the pest problem, as well as a few other issues that have been affecting my unit) she blames the property manager who is with a different company and also refuses to fix anything in the building. she then promises to help me find a new place, only to send me to realtors she knows that wont show any of their units, don't explain their rental criteria, and shows units that have already been given to other customers. she clearly is discriminating against me due to a low credit score and my high income which isn't fair or right. !!!Do Not RENT From THIS Company!!! below of pics of how myself as well as other tenants are forced to live like
Darcie Kaneshiro was my Property Manager for 12 plus years. When Covid hit the owners of my rental wanted their house back. It was April 2020 and it was really scary. The only places I could find within my budget at the time were terrible. But Darcie did everything she could to help me. She was on it when it came 2 taking care of the unit that I lived in and called home for so long. Darcie if u reading this Yaffa said your the bomb dot com!! Thank you for everything.
This review is based on dealing with one particular property manager(B.O) which happened to be the owner of the unit. This was late 2019 or so. I will not go into details, but if you must rent from these people, make sure you ask for the property manager to disclose if they have any personal ties to the unit you are about to rent, and if they do, run the other way. Just for backgorund: My husband and I have dealt with other two property management groups and both have been very good experiences. However, this is the only property management group (or maybe it was just this particular property manager who owned the unit) which somehow thinks you should help them pay for common electricity areas. The other two management agencies only charged for the electricity used within the unit. I asked around about this and the building manager (whom we had a good rapport with) stated the following: 'It is not illegal, but is a bit unethical." Besides that, there were other situations which should have made us move right after the first year living there, but we stayed because it was more of a pain to look for a new place than to just make peace with things. The final straw was when there was a major plumbing repair done throughout the entire building which included people coming in and out of our unit, ripping the drywall, doing all kinds of things while my husband and I were both at work. The property manager never even offered some sort of discount or even just some words of empathy about us tenants having to bear with all those changes while paying full rent, and paying for common area electricity as well. Finally, when we were moving out, that was another set of sad circumstances which I will not get into. Bottom line is: this particular property manager who also owned the unit, only wanted to be paid (no shade in that), but that's not real way to make business and build relations. We have people that can attest we had been outstanding tenants. I would think if one is late w/rent, is abrasive, does not take care of the property, or there's complaints by neighbors, then maybe there's a reason to behave towards tenants a bit less kind...but we were none of that.
The place was very nice but the property manager was very rude. My wife and I woke up early to go before church and it was disheartening to deal with Darlene Higa. I knew something was wrong when she was no. responsive over my inquiries. I realize she must be going through things but to be rude and have no customer service is not nice at all.
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