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Real Estate Experts, LLC is where your business dreams meet reality. As the proud owner of this brokerage, I am dedicated to being your compass in the dynamic world of buying and selling businesses. Nestled in the heart of Lawton, OK, our office at 22 SW D Ave #1 is more than just a location; it's a hub of possibilities. When you walk through our doors, you're not just a client – you're a partner in a journey towards success.

At Real Estate Experts, LLC, we believe in the power of expertise fused with personalized service. When you dial (580) 248-2600, you're not reaching just any brokerage; you're connecting with a team that values your aspirations as much as you do. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur looking to expand your portfolio or a first-time buyer dipping your toes into the market, we're here to guide you every step of the way. Our commitment to unparalleled market knowledge ensures that your business transactions are not just smooth but strategically sound.

Navigating the intricate landscape of buying or selling a business can be daunting, but with Real Estate Experts, LLC by your side, it becomes an exhilarating journey. Our website, https://www.staceandreedy.com/, serves as a gateway to a world of opportunities, where your next venture awaits. We don't just facilitate transactions; we sculpt them with precision and foresight. Your goals are our compass, and your success is our mission. Let's embark on this adventure together and turn your business aspirations into achievements.

Real Estate Experts, LLC is not just a brokerage; we are architects of opportunity, designing the perfect match between business buyers and sellers. When you choose us, you're not just choosing a service – you're choosing a partnership grounded in trust, integrity, and results. Join hands with us, and let's redefine success in the world of business together.

Brokerage Reviews

Just sold my house and bought my new home! Very helpful, respectful, friendly and knowledgeable on every aspect of the buying and selling process. They went above and beyond to ensure my family and I had a smooth transition experience from one place to another! Can’t thank them enough! Oh and I made money too!!!
To start off, we used nikki from real estate experts to purchase our home and were very pleased with the experience. When it came time to sell we figured we would go back with the same company, things started out good the house was listed but that's where it went down hill. I don't think our house or us as sellers were shown the proper attention, we were told that the house would be cleaned before any showings were conducted and found out that it wasn't so we had to pay a separate company to come in a clean it i spoke with the office and they did retake pictures afterwards which was appreciated. Our realtor was not very good with communication sometimes would take days to hear from her, tried to call and speak with office 4 different times and even had our realtor leave a message for them to call us back and never heard from anyone I don't believe in my opinion that the house was advertised very well and I had to ask for an open house. Then we weren't even aware that our listing expired until the realtor said she had a showing and could still sell it. This is an honest review without bashing anyone or the company I just was not impressed with our second dealing with this realtors office. Also found that there was a separate lock box on our house that the reality company has no idea where it came from with extra copies of my house keys in it. Really feel like we were lied to on so many things throughout.
Reedy was the best! Relaxed and professional, available and timely. Reedy exceeded my expectations. If you want a great agent who will make you feel comfortable with the process make sure to ask for Reedy!! Thank you Reedy!!
Mallorie really helped us out in our first time buying a home, my bank was dragging their feet and she really took it upon herself to fight for us and represent us well. While the bank I chose was a frustration Mallorie made the whole thing much easier by helping relieve the stress of myself not being able to get a hold of my bank she went out of her way to reach the right people and cracked the whip as it were to get them to answer calls and move forward with the purchase. Many would probably be more docile and would take longer and rake up more closing costs fees, but she pushed forward intent on getting the job done and made my wife and me grateful. She was kind, personable, tenacious, and easy to reach, highly recommend her services for anyone interested in real estate related business.
My father passed away, and I was tasked with liquidating his estate. And I found Real Estate Experts, and they have been in my corner from day one. After getting to know my situation, they were there with answers. Even after a hail storm came through, they helped me manage the situation. I felt like I was guided to them, and I'm glad I selected them to help sell my home. Thanks Real Estate Experts.
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