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In the realm of business dealings, RJH Realty Investments, Inc serves as your trusted ally, navigating the intricate landscape of acquisitions and sales with unwavering dedication. Situated at 1217 Lindsey Plaza Dr Suite 101, Norman, OK 73071, our establishment pulsates with the energy of entrepreneurial spirit, beckoning both local visionaries and newcomers seeking to make their mark in this dynamic market. Dial (405) 364-4801 to tap into the wellspring of knowledge and expertise that propels our clients towards success. Explore the myriad opportunities and listings awaiting your perusal on our website at http://www.rjh-realty.com/.

At RJH Realty Investments, Inc, we embody a commitment to excellence that transcends mere transactions. We are your partners in progress, shaping bespoke strategies tailored to your distinct objectives. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding innovator, our team stands ready to provide the insight and support necessary to realize your aspirations. With a finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving market trends, we equip you with the tools needed to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Beyond the conventional norms of brokerage services, RJH Realty Investments, Inc infuses a personal touch into every interaction. Our approach is rooted in fostering genuine connections and understanding your unique vision. By placing your goals at the forefront, we forge a collaborative journey towards tangible results. Let us be the beacon guiding you towards lucrative opportunities and sound investments, backed by a legacy of trust and integrity that defines our ethos.

Step into the realm of possibilities with RJH Realty Investments, Inc, where each client is not just a name but a valued partner in the pursuit of success. Embrace a future brimming with potential, where your ambitions find a home amidst a tapestry of thriving enterprises. Join us in shaping a vibrant business landscape, where innovation meets opportunity, and dreams take flight. Your journey to prosperity begins here, with RJH Realty Investments, Inc, your compass in the world of business ventures.

Brokerage Reviews

I’ve been renting from RJH going on 5 years and this company has been nothing but awesome and very considerate of my needs as a renter. Great office staff and always on time when it comes to repairs. I would definitely recommend RJH to anyone who’s looking for a awesome place to live.
We rented from RJH and had a great experience with this company. Friendly customer service, timely response to maintenance requests, and all around helpful employees. Would continue renting from them if we didn’t need to change locations.
I started renting from RJH in 2017, the property manager helped getting the new fridge into the house and set everything up. I was fleeing from a domestic violence relationship with my ex husband and they truly were there for me. Unfortunately with the everything going up, they wanted to upgrade and re-list for more than the $975.00 I've been paying for the last 5yrs, and I have to move. Overall, I love my privacy especially with ALOT of medical things coming up. My experience so far has been good.. I will follow up with move out experience..
Discriminates against ADA. Becareful and DO NOT disclose you have support animals until you sign the lease. Then they will be in violation of your rights. I have already reported them to the state of Oklahoma and may escalate it further if need be. I was also made aware that the residents are extremely nosey and rats are running around on the property. I was simply trying to downgrade from my Texas HOA, 2 story 3 bedroom home at $1345 month to be near my grandkids. Other than that. I would never put myself in the projects at 112 12th Street in Moore Oklahoma. By the way she stated $850 multiplied by three is more than $3k a month. Lol 😆. Education not sure I needed a property manager that slow in the first place.
I just wanted to leave a quick review of my experience. The homes were easily accessible for viewing. Homes were upgraded exceptionally well. No cheap fixes. if you are looking for a nice home with quality upgrades definitely consider them. I worked with Elaine and Jessica and they were both great!!! I probably called too many times every time i had a question but they didn't mind. They both did a tremendous job. I contacted a few different companies in the area and private owners and they definitely were the best to work with. Their homes were also very reasonably priced. i will recommend them to everyone.
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