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Leveraging years of expertise, Robinson Properties transcends traditional brokerage, offering a gateway to entrepreneurial success. Situated at 1400 N Mt Juliet Rd Suite 200, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122, our vibrant hub pulsates with the energy of possibility, beckoning you to join our community of thriving businesses. Here, every client is a story waiting to unfold, and we stand ready as storytellers, guiding you through the chapters of acquisition, growth, and prosperity.

At Robinson Properties, our approach is as dynamic as the entrepreneurs we serve. We don't just broker deals; we forge relationships built on trust, integrity, and a shared vision for success. When you walk through our doors or dial (615) 754-2019, you're not just a number on a balance sheet – you're a partner in progress. Our commitment to your journey is unwavering, rooted in a deep understanding of the market landscape and a passion for seeing businesses thrive.

What sets us apart isn't just our prime location or extensive network; it's our unwavering dedication to your unique goals. Whether you're a seasoned investor seeking your next venture or a first-time entrepreneur navigating the waters of business ownership, Robinson Properties is your compass in a sea of opportunity. With a personalized approach that puts your needs front and center, we tailor our strategies to fit your aspirations, ensuring that every decision is a step towards realizing your full potential.

Ready to embark on your business adventure? Visit us online at http://www.robinsonproperties.com/ to explore the possibilities that await. Robinson Properties isn't just a brokerage; it's a partner in your journey towards prosperity. Let's write your success story together – because at Robinson Properties, your next chapter starts now.

Brokerage Reviews

We purchased a home from the Robinson's a year ago and are about to go through our 1 year inspection. The initial purchase of the home was much better than expected. When we started searching for homes in the Mount Juliet area we called several builders and Michael was the only person to call us back. The whole process was incredibly smooth and I recommend the Robinsons to everyone I know looking in the Mount Juliet area. Michael and Chris are fantastic people and the Robinson Properties organization was wonderful to work with. We don't plan on ever moving, but if we do I would definitely work with Michael and Chris again.
Robinson Properties built our home over 9 years ago. We've loved it, but are downsizing now with kids growing up. Not surprisingly, it sold quickly. During the inspection, a few construction oversights were found that the buyers requested to be fixed. Though they weren't big things, I still thought that Robinsons should be notified of these issues. I really did not expect much help after all these years, but Michael Robinson called me back the SAME DAY, was very receptive and willing to take care of the repairs QUICKLY and at NO COST! Michael's response on behalf of Robinson Properties reflected strength and character, not often found in growing businesses these days! Yes, these oversights should have been caught during the pre-move in inspection 9+ years ago, BUT the fact that Michael was willing to do the right thing is a testament to Robinson Properties commitment to building top quality homes AND taking care of their customers LONG TERM!! Selling a home is a stressful and time-sensitive process, but this part of the selling process was quick and painless! Our home has stood the test of time and maintained it's quality over-all. All it took for me was a phone call and these fixes were made long before the selling deadline! The buyers of this home will be pleased to find that they have made a VERY smart purchase and will enjoy this Robinson Prosperities built home for many years to come! This review is a testament to the long-term customer care commitment of the Robinson Properties team!
I bought a house from Robinson Properties about 8 years ago. They acted as their own agents in selling the property that they had constructed. The negotiation and sale went smoothly. They came to my house after the first year and went through to see if there were any problems that needed to be addressed. There was a place where the driveway had cracked because the concrete was too thin in a small area. Instead of trying to patch the spot they replaced a large section of driveway, leaving no new seams. They did this without complaint and didn't make me feel like I was being unreasonable in wanting the problem fixed properly. They have continued to stand by their work and their promises. They live in the neighborhood where my house is built. This would be hard for them to do if they were not doing business in a competent and honorable way. I couldn't recommend this company more highly.
I built a home with them and closed in December. These guys are very good at what they do, they do not allow short cuts and shotty work. Mine was a semi-custom so not from the site but the quality is outstanding. If you want to build then build with them, they might cost a little bit more but it is worth it.
I have known and worked with the Robinsons- Bill, Chris, and Michael- for over 20 years. Not only are they the best developers and general contractors in Mt. Juliet, they are just good, honest guys.
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