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Where ambitions take flight: The NYBB Group is your premier destination for navigating the sale or acquisition of businesses with ease and expertise. Located at 25 Melville Park Rd Ste 81-82, Melville, NY 11747, United States, we stand as a beacon for entrepreneurs seeking to turn their aspirations into reality. When you partner with us, you're not just another client; you become part of our mission to bridge the gap between dreams and success.

At The NYBB Group, we understand that buying or selling a business is not just a transaction; it's a life-changing decision. That's why we offer personalized services tailored to your unique needs. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth and successful outcome. With a focus on transparency, integrity, and results, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. When you work with The NYBB Group, you can expect unparalleled expertise, a deep understanding of the market, and a relentless drive to exceed your expectations. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur looking to expand your portfolio or a first-time buyer dipping your toes into the business world, we have the resources and knowledge to help you make informed decisions.

Ready to take the next step towards realizing your business dreams? Contact The NYBB Group at (631) 390-9650 or visit our website http://thenybbgroup.com/ to explore the exciting opportunities that await you. Let us be your trusted partner in turning your vision into a thriving reality. Your success is our success, and together, we can make great things happen.

Brokerage Reviews

I recently sold my business and the NYBB Group’s assistance with the sale was invaluable. After spending 28 years as the second generation owner of a 38 year old family business, the decision to sell was a difficult one and I needed a brokerage that was sensitive to the complicated issues of selling a family business. I found that in NYBB. Prior to going to market, Kyle, Anthony, and Karen took the time to get to know me. They understood my motivation for selling the business and the desired outcomes. I believe this helped them balance the transactional and emotional aspects of the sale and offer the appropriate support. They were also able to set realistic expectations in valuation and timing, put together a comprehensive promotional profile, and worked with me to decide the right time to bring the business to market. Once listed, NYBB offered guidance on which offers to seriously consider. As parties showed their interest, Kyle would field the offers, passing along those that fit my parameters. He made sure to convey to prospective purchasers the importance of continuity for my employees and clients, many of which I have worked with for over 20 years. Once an offer was accepted, NYBB was an integral part of the process and skillfully assisted in negotiations. They kept both sides on track and knew when to help to smooth out issues and more importantly when to stay silent. Kyle, Anthony and Karen were available at a moments notice throughout the entire process. It was comforting to know that I always had someone to answer all of the questions and handle the myriad of issues that arose throughout the process. I believe that their responsiveness helped bring the deal to fruition. I am grateful for their dedication, efficiency, and professionalism and I would strongly recommend the NYBB group to anyone entering into the M&A process.
The NYBB Team are amazing in their care and service to their clients!! Kyle Griffith especially is amazing in the speed of responsiveness and care; high integrity; and fluid with his knowledge of the buy/business industry.
The NYBB Group and their team have the knowledge, experience and resources to provide the highest level of service to accomplish your goals. I have witnessed first hand, as a Board Member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Community I serve, the level of expertise and integrity this dynamic group provides.
Avoid if you don't want to waste your time. Kyle Griffith is a LIAR! I found a listing and spent much time doing my due diligence. All in good faith. Sent the standard questions. Received a reply from Kyle Griffith that he will speak with the seller (his client) and get back to me with the answers. The business was not a large corporation, operated by a couple that wanted to retire and it included the property. We had NO financing contingency and were VERY interested. However we never heard back. Not even a reply indicating any sort of follow up or no interest in working with us. Again we had NO financing contingency and showed much interest simply by all the due diligence and questions we had. This guy is a LIAR that caused us much time and money and LIED about getting back to us. SHAME!-- ***** UPDATE **** To the reply : I am NOT Neal, so it seems you have issues with more people...I am not shocked. And for anyone to state in writing that due diligence should be done after an offer is absurd. Yes some due diligence but not ALL due diligence! So your saying that people should make an offer on a business without reviewing docs? I feel offer should be based on due diligence, other wise how can you value a business and place an offer. I just wanted to throw this in for Neals sake who I dont know. Back to me: I want to make it clear that my side is all DOCUMENTED by emails, texts and voice mails, would you like me to post them online? I suggest you just admit to your mistakes or stop mistreating people and lets all move on. Or as I asked, would you like me to post the emails and voice mails that are all time and date stamped? Just let me know if I have your permission to post them. If not I have moved on, so maybe you should. GOD Bless you and just see this as a wake up call to treat people better...like this Neal guy and other people including myself.
Anthony Citrolla worked diligently throughout the pandemic to assist us in the selling of our business, Groner Service Inc. We were pleased with him and his work ethics to get the sale and transaction done regardless of the business climate due to the virus. In spite of the Covid 19 looming over, NYBB Group delivered. Ken Chardavoyne Sal Alfano
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