About Trollinger Realty Co

At Trollinger Realty Co, I'm all about making your business dreams a reality. Located in the heart of Freeport, NY, I've built a brokerage that's more than just transactions—it's about forging relationships and helping you succeed. When you work with me, you're not just a client; you're part of the Trollinger family.

What sets Trollinger Realty Co apart? It's the personalized approach. I take the time to understand your unique goals, whether you're buying or selling a business. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for connecting the right people, I ensure that every deal is a win-win for all involved. Your success is my success, and I'm dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.

Looking to buy a business? Let's find the perfect match for your vision. With a diverse portfolio of opportunities and a deep understanding of the market, I'll help you navigate the process with confidence. From initial consultations to closing the deal, I'll be by your side, providing expert advice and unwavering support.

Ready to sell your business? Trust Trollinger Realty Co to showcase your hard work in the best light. I leverage innovative marketing strategies and a vast network of potential buyers to maximize your business's value. Your legacy deserves the right buyer, and I'm here to make that happen. Reach out today at (516) 223-1730 and let's turn your business goals into a reality.

Brokerage Reviews

I am a real estate Salesperson , Lorenzo was Fantastic to work with. What I learned from him is that real estate is not just about selling and renting but also how you make the other person feels. He has inspired me to be more patient & kinder to my clients. I highly recommend Lorenzo for all your real estate needs
I worked with Lorenzo for the last 8 years, every time I needed a High Quality Professional Realtor. Whether I was using a program or not, his work ethic never changed, a straight go-getter personality. There has been a lot of obstacles tossed in between deals but whatever needed to be done he did it and always extra. If there was a delay it was never because he messed up with the paperwork or what he had to do on his end, you can believe that. To know Lorenzo is to respect him. He is success driven, accomplished, and aggressive in business yet very approachable and relatable at the same time. I have the highest regard and the utmost respect for this man's work ethic and expertise as well as his stellar reputation. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor whose a man of action, passion, integrity and frank honesty.
My real estate salesperson was Lorenzo. I have the utmost praise for this guy. The follow up calls, the advice, the encouragement, dedication, hard work and last of all, time was greatly appreciated. I was very impressed with his professionlism and knowledge of the real estate business . His integrity as a real estate salesperson is intact. If you ever need a salesperson to advocate for you this is your guy.
Larenzo is very professional he helps people out right away and he knows the right thing to say. He is very helpful when it comes down to people that’s low income or anything.
Great realty! Lorenzo asstited me with the sale of a co-op . He was outstanding from start to finish. Buying or selling, you have to see Lorenzo.😁
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