Supermarket Produce Location in Heart of Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York

Fresh produce market on a busy street corner. Location has high foot traffic with lots of businesses nearby including a gym across the street. Easily accessible from subway and ...

Asking Price:$2,650,000

Neighborhood Lucrative Laundromat in Dense Residential Area

Ridgewood, New York

This laundromat is located on a busy street and surrounded by apartments. Street parking is available. Inside is well-kept and contains 82 machines, featuring 40 washers and 42 ...

Asking Price:$450,000

Established 10 year old Cash Cow Pizzeria

Ocean County - New Jersey

This pizza restaurant is in a large shopping center and offers a spacious paved parking lot to customers. Shopping center is located off a well-known highway and sees lots of tr...

Asking Price:$450,000

Monster Restaurant, Party Hall and Pizzeria with Property

Nassau - New York

This Italian restaurant sits alongside many businesses and faces a busy throughfare. Street parking is available as well as a small parking lot nearby. Restaurant is walking dis...

Asking Price:$3,800,000

High-Profit Freestanding Laundromat with Property in Bronx For Sale

Bronx, New York

Standalone laundromat at a busy street corner. Laundromat faces a well-known US highway and sees lots of traffic. Prominent signage is displayed attracting customers. Parking sp...

Asking Price:$3,880,000

Low Rent Dry Cleaning Asset Sale

Eastchester, New York

Highly rated dry-cleaning business on a street corner. Street parking is available nearby with a crosswalk connecting to the storefront. Location is well kept and faces a major ...

Asking Price:$149,999

Remarkable Famous Kosher Restaurant For Sale

Lynbrook, New York

Longstanding restaurant and deli on a major throughfare. Street parking is accessible to customers. Restaurant is walking distance from a residential neighborhood and sits along...

Asking Price:$229,000

Express Wash For Sale With Property

Austell, Georgia

Large property with room for an influx of vehicles. This car wash sits on a corner street and faces a four-lane highway with a 45MPH speed limit divided by a turning lane. This ...

Asking Price:$1,900,000

Established And Profitable Bakery For Sale

Queens, New York

Small bakery alongside a shopping strip on a busy street. Bakery is walking distance from an apartment building and sees lots of foot traffic. Street parking is available to cus...

Asking Price:$450,000

$416K Net, Authentic Pizzeria in Brooklyn For Sale

Brooklyn, New York

This pizza restaurant sits at the corner of a busy intersection. Crosswalks provide direct access to the storefront. Location is high traffic with lots of shops surrounding the ...

Asking Price:$599,999

Established Hotel Located in a High Foot Traffic Area

Monroe, New York

Large hotel located right off a busy road with over 40,000 vehicles passing daily. Hotel is walking distance from a shopping center with restaurants and a convenience store. Lot...

Asking Price:$12,000,000

$250K Net Manhattan Bagel Shop in Prime Location For Sale

Manhattan, New York

This bagel shop is located off a busy New York avenue and sees lots of foot traffic. Street parking is accessible. Inside features tables, a refrigerated display counter, and a ...

Asking Price:$675,000