Businesses For Sale In Queens, New York

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Beautiful Kosher Supermarket

Queens, New York

This supermarket faces a popular thoroughfare with many businesses in the area. A large parking lot is available to customers and can be easily accessed. Businesses displays eye...

Asking Price:$1,700,000

Substantial Laundromat In Hot Location

Queens, New York

Small laundromat on a high traffic shopping strip facing a busy street. Street parking is available to customers. Storefront displays eye-catching signage to passing traffic. In...

Asking Price:$150,000

$330K Net, Newly Built Express Car Wash For Sale

Queens, New York

This car wash sits in an eye-catching location and faces a busy highway. Building has easy access from the main road with lots of available parking. There are many places on the...

Asking Price:$1,799,999

Liquor Store with Huge Delivery Business

Queens, New York

This liquor store sits at the corner of a busy thoroughfare. Store is in a highly residential area with houses walking distance from the storefront. Location is perfect for adve...

Asking Price:$225,000

Corner Laundromat in Hot Location for Sale

Queens, New York

This laundromat is located on a street corner and sees lots of traffic. Laundromat is surrounded by residential communities and is easily accessible. Inside contains 16 washers ...

Asking Price:$220,000

Asset Sale, 50 Yr-Old Italian Restaurant In Prime Location

Queens, New York

This Italian restaurant sits in a shopping center and offers a large, paved parking lot to customers. Shopping center is right off a major highway near an intersection. Inside f...

Asking Price:$119,999

Established And Profitable Bakery For Sale

Queens, New York

Small bakery alongside a shopping strip on a busy street. Bakery is walking distance from an apartment building and sees lots of foot traffic. Street parking is available to cus...

Asking Price:$450,000

The Leading Health Club in the Industry

Queens, New York

This fitness center is located on a small shopping strip off a busy throughfare. Customer parking is accessible at front of the building and by an attached parking garage. Lots ...

Asking Price:$4,500,000

Captivating Pizzeria in Lively Queens Location For Sale.

Queens, New York

This pizzeria is in a small shopping strip at the corner of a busy intersection. Street parking is available. Restaurant is conveniently located near multiple apartments, with 5...

Asking Price:$120,000

Dazzling Lucrative Frozen Yogurt Shop in Hot Location For Sale.

Queens, New York

This shop sits in a popular shopping strip at the corner of a busy intersection. Parallel parking is accessible on all connecting streets. Inside of the store is trendy with a m...

Asking Price:$100,000